Our Spinning Synergy Studio

Changing Spinning, Changing Attitudes, Changing Life for the Better Synergy Studio brings the authenticity of an outdoor bicycle ride into an indoor facility.


Revolutionizing the world of “spinning,” each ride is an intense, unique, empowering cardio experience designed to inspire you to pedal your way to a better life and change your attitude forever. Be Prepared for the Ride of Your Life! Synergy Studio is the only indoor cycling studio in the area to utilize the Schwinn A.C. (authentic cycling) Performance indoor cycling bike with Virtual Contact™ Resistance Technology. This innovative system uses magnets and an aluminum disk to generate resistance and create a smooth, seamless ride every time the gear is changed. With an aluminum frame, these bikes are rust free and light (weighing 106 lbs.) compared to most steel models. They can accommodate riders weighing up to 300 lbs and those with a height of up to 6’ 8”. 

The Schwinn A.C. bike was designed to enable a simple, correct rider fit which includes a 3 position fore/aft adjustment along with ½” handlebar and seat adjustments. With the sleek and aerodynamic handlebars, riders now have several hand position choices along with an aero position that is more comfortable and fitting than other indoor cycling bikes. These bikes are also fitted with double link pedals (SPD/toe-clip combination). 

Not only does the Schwinn A.C. Performance have the most evolutionary dynamics of any indoor cycling bike currently on the market, Synergy Studio has equipped them with the MPower™ Performance console, which provides a number of rider measurements in a way never before seen in a group exercise setting. Using this valuable tool, a rider now gets clear feedback on their level of effort, so they can easily see how hard they are working at any given moment. What’s more, the Schwinn A.C. Performance, along with other Schwinn products, are available for purchase at Iroy Sport & Fitness. All of this in a state-of-the-art indoor cycling studio will create a mentally and physically challenging ride with high energy and guaranteed fun!