iRoy Dreamers Volleyball

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Welcome to iRoy Dreamers Volleyball Club: Where Dreams Elevate and Excellence Inspires!

Hello to our volleyball enthusiasts, players, and families! As we embark on our second year of play, we are elated to introduce you to the dynamic world of iRoy Dreamers Volleyball Club. Having triumphantly concluded our inaugural season, we stand on the cusp of another exciting chapter, poised to raise the bar even higher. Our journey is driven by the profound belief that dreams are the seeds of achievement, and we are here to nurture those dreams into reality.

Building on Triumph: The echoes of our maiden season’s accomplishments still reverberate, filling the air with a palpable sense of achievement and potential. Our initial success has positioned iRoy Dreamers as a formidable contender, and in this second year, we are unswervingly committed to surpassing our prior achievements.

The Essence of “Dreamers”: The name “iRoy Dreamers” embodies our philosophy. We acknowledge that each player carries a unique aspiration within. Our commitment transcends the parameters of volleyball skills; it extends to fostering the dreams and ambitions that propel each athlete towards excellence.

A Holistic Paradigm: At iRoy Dreamers Volleyball Club, our mission is comprehensive. Beyond sculpting remarkable athletes, we recognize that true greatness encompasses physical prowess, mental resilience, and holistic wellness. In addition to volleyball training, we prioritize vital components like nutrition, flexibility, and strength training. Our intention is to arm our players with the tools they need to excel both within and beyond the court.

Guiding Pathways to Triumph: We comprehend that for many, the journey extends beyond the game’s final whistle. Hence, iRoy Dreamers pledges to steer our players toward the futures they envisage, including college recruitment. We stand as steadfast allies, offering counsel and direction to navigate the exciting terrain ahead.

Unity in the Pursuit of Excellence: As iRoy Dreamers, we stand united—a family bound by our shared ardor for volleyball and our pursuit of greatness. Through triumphs, trials, and the bonds we weave, we stand as a formidable collective, reinforcing each player’s belief in their innate potential.

Dream Bold, Achieve Bolder: In embarking on this second year, we invite you to embrace bold dreams and achieve even bolder outcomes. Whether you’re a player with aspirations to soar higher or a parent eager to witness your child’s growth, iRoy Dreamers Volleyball Club offers the platform where ambitions thrive.

Together, we embrace a journey that transcends the bounds of the court—a journey that weaves dreams into reality, nourishes holistic excellence, and guides players towards a future brimming with promise. Welcome to iRoy Dreamers, where dreams fuel our spirit, and excellence fuels our journey.

Elevate Your Dreams. Inspire Excellence. Belong to iRoy Dreamers Volleyball Club.


Below you will find all of our current information regarding
our iRoy Dreamer’s Volleyball Team for the 2024 season.
Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns:
Club Director: Yori Adegunwa 610-631-2100
There will be THREE MANDATORY practice/conditioning days.
Practices will be held for 1 1/2 hours on Mondays and
Wednesdays sometime between 5:00-8:00
OR Tuesdays and
Thursdays for 1 1/2 hours sometime between 5:00-8:00. This will
depend on the coaches schedule. Strength and Conditioning
along with Plyometric Training will be held on either Tuesdays or
Wednesdays, for 1 hour sometime between 5:00-8:00 There will

Wednesdays, for 1 hour sometime between 5:00-8:00 There will
be a second day of conditioning offered but there will be an
additional charge for this since it is not mandatory
(approximately $10 per person.) Players are asked to bring a
notebook/journal to practices and conditioning to track progress
and take notes. The season officially starts December 1.
As part of your volleyball tuition, each player will receive a
membership to iRoy Multi-Sport Facility. They may start using
this membership as soon as they accept our offer. The
membership will expire on June 1. If they wish to continue into
the summer, a discounted membership will be given. Our volleyball courts are available to members anytime they are not
being rented. They are asked to keep track of their additional
workouts in their notebooks/journals. In order to sign up for this
membership, please see a staff member at our front desk.
Also, we are offering the parents and siblings of players a
discounted rate during the season of $30 per month at iRoy with
no annual fee.
Last year, we added a nutritional component to our training as it
is fundamental that athletes learn how to properly fuel their
bodies to maximize their potential. For example, last year we
utilized our on site, full service kitchen facility for cooking
demonstrations and early morning team breakfasts prior to the

tournaments. More information will be sent regarding this
We are in the process of deciding on our uniforms. We plan to
place another order with Mizuno USA for all of our volleyball
needs and will be asking you to submit sizes when placed on a
team. We will provide the players with a full uniform (1 pair of
shorts, 2 long sleeved jerseys, 1 backpack) and we will also be
offering a 25% discount on volleyball shoes listed on the Mizuno
website: We will be offering sweatpants,
sweatshirts, and t-Shirts at an additional price.

Our tournament schedule has not been finalized but most of our
tournaments will be held at iRoySport. We guarantee at least 9
tournaments and at least 5 of them will be on site. Tournament
play starts in January. The tournaments vary but most will be
one day tournaments. Most of our tournaments will be
sanctioned by AAU.
You will be required to hold a current KRVA/USA Volleyball
Membership (not included) at time of tryout and submit proof
You will also be required to obtain a current AAU Volleyball
membership once you have accepted our offer and submit proof
A $500 deposit is due by November 10 (Total cost will be
$2800, payment plans available upon request) Total amount
due by December 1.
We will require date of birth proof
iRoySport Waiver and Code of Conduct must be submitted by
the first practice