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iRoy Dreamers 14U Prime Volleyball Team Training Program

The iRoy Dreamers 14U Prime Volleyball Team is committed to excellence both on and off the court. Our comprehensive training program encompasses various aspects of athletic development, ensuring that our athletes are not only skilled volleyball players but also well-rounded individuals. Our training regimen, expectations from athletes, parents, coaches, and club directors, and the importance of each facet in our pursuit of success.

Volleyball Practice: Our volleyball practices are the backbone of our program. Athletes are expected to attend all scheduled practices with a positive attitude, enthusiasm, and a willingness to learn. Our coaching staff focuses on skill development, teamwork, and game strategy. Consistent attendance, active participation, and a strong work ethic are vital.

Weight Training: Strength and conditioning are essential components of our program. Athletes will engage in weight training sessions to build muscle, increase power, and reduce the risk of injury. Dedication to the weight room is expected, as it directly impacts performance on the court.

Plyometrics Training: Plyometrics enhance an athlete’s explosiveness, agility, and vertical jump. Our training program incorporates plyometrics to improve overall athleticism. Athletes must follow the prescribed plyometric exercises to maximize their potential.

Speed and Agility Training: Quick lateral movement, acceleration, and agility are crucial in volleyball. Speed and agility training sessions will focus on developing these skills. Athletes should approach these sessions with determination and a desire to enhance their on-court mobility.

Flexibility Training: Flexibility reduces the risk of injuries and aids recovery. Regular flexibility training is mandatory. Athletes must commit to stretching routines to maintain peak physical condition.

Nutrition Training: Proper nutrition is the foundation of peak performance. Athletes will receive guidance on maintaining a balanced diet that supports their training regimen. Commitment to a healthy diet is expected from all players.



  • Attend all practices, training sessions, and competitions unless excused by coaches.
  • Maintain a positive attitude, respect teammates, coaches, and opponents.
  • Strive for continuous improvement and embrace feedback.
  • Prioritize schoolwork and time management to balance academics and athletics.
  • Follow nutrition guidelines and prioritize rest and recovery.


  • Support and encourage your child’s commitment to the team.
  • Attend games and cheer for all players, not just your child.
  • Respect the coaching staff’s decisions and approach.
  • Communicate any concerns through appropriate channels, such as the club director.


  • Provide a safe and supportive environment for athletes to learn and grow.
  • Foster a sense of teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship.
  • Offer constructive feedback and guidance.
  • Continuously educate and improve coaching techniques.

Club Directors:

  • Ensure the team’s overall well-being and development.
  • Facilitate effective communication between athletes, parents, and coaches.
  • Invest in resources and facilities to enhance the training program.
  • Uphold the club’s values and mission.

In conclusion, the iRoy Dreamers 14U Prime Volleyball Team is dedicated to nurturing young athletes into successful individuals on and off the volleyball court. This comprehensive training program, combined with the unwavering commitment of athletes, parents, coaches, and club directors, forms the foundation for achieving our collective goals. Together, we aim for excellence, teamwork, and the pursuit of dreams.


Coach  Zoe Lor

UDHS Girls Volleyball coach

iRoy Dreamers 14U Prime Volleyball Team Training Program